Find Your Edo Tokyo

『Find Your Edo Tokyo』

800円(本体価格)ISBN978-4-905295-55-6 2018年12月28日刊行

Norimasa Maeda(前田憲政)


This book is in English.(※本書はすべて英文で書かれています。) It introduces 19 sightseeing spots in Tokyo. Let’s quote the author’s INTRODUCTION.

I am a Facebook user and I noticed that the visitors from overseas tend to go to Kyoto but don’t spend too much time in Tokyo. I do agree that Kyoto offers rich history and culture, but… And I think tourists visit only Asakusa, Sky Tree, and other popular tourist spots seen in guide books.
Yet, I live in Tokyo, and I know other great places that I want to introduce to foreign visitors. That’s the reason I decided to write this book. I also hold a Sogetsu Teachers Diploma, and I want to show you Tokyo through my eyes to help you explore the views and culture of old Edo. Tokyo where merchant culture and traditional culture breathes. “Old Edo” is still blending in the life and the cityscape.
Traveling around Tokyo is very accessible using the trains and subways. In 2020, the Tokyo Olympics will be held from July 24 through August 9, and the Tokyo Paralympics will be held from August 25 through September 6. I hope this book will help the visitors from overseas walk around Tokyo.
Summer in Tokyo is very hot, so you need to hydrate and supplement with salt, and perhaps wear a hat. Please be cautious but enjoy your stay in Tokyo.(By Norimasa Maeda)


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